Your Personal Information Organiser

Store your info
Secure your info
Restore your info

It helps to keep all your personal and business info quickly accessible


We can all do away with complications in our lives and Depositit ORGANISER is as easy to use as it is to line up a pair of shoes. 

We challenged our team for a 2-click solution so you can retrieve any detail (and we mean any detail) in literally two clicks.


Depositit ORGANISER utilizes a modern concept to help keep all the details and various information – that we all accumulate in our lives – organised, safe & accessible within seconds.

There is no other private Cloud Storage solution like it.


We all have many passwords, login credentials, personal, work, financial, travel, health, computing, home and family related info and are bound to forget and need them at the same time.

Depositit ORGANISER is for you, even if you do forget, within 2 clicks it will remind you. 


Register to get unlimited information storage and Login via any device to immediately locate the details you need.

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