About us

Hello and thank you for letting us tell you a little bit about us.

We (Depositit), like most of us, feel a bit overwhelmed with technology advances and often feel like the world has turned in to a humungous data cloud where everyone’s using Programs & Apps that themselves impose yet another learning curve and challenge that we, very nicely, used to live without.

With that in mind, we set out to solve a much needed problem or two.

1. A convenient and safe place to store the outrageous amount of passwords, login & registration credentials, families ID & Passport #’s and mounds of other personal, work, health and computing related details and anything you can think of really (including those details we forget, just when we need them most).

2. How to get whatever details we want (even those we’ve already forgotten), whenever we need them – as easily and quickly as possible?

Did we solve the problem? And if so, how?

Yes we did and we kept it simple because nobody needs any more complication in their lives and vaultsafe certainly ticks a few boxes. To be more precise, with vaultsafe it’s actually just 2 boxes we ever need to click to get any detail we need. Click one button and once more, and here’s the detail we’re looking for. It’s that simple and the great thing about it, is that there is nothing to remember (not even our own details).

Once saved, you can get them whenever you want, in just 2 clicks.

That’s what we wanted, something that’s not only easy to use but also something we will use because it’s so easy.

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